Sunday, May 20, 2007

OPR (Check In – Check Out)

Dig your heels in
Kick start your hog
Boot up your computer

Ready yourself for the fight of your life
Transcendental meditation a key
Bliss awaits us when we dive

The clock struck midnight
I did not recognize its chime
The director screams Cut
And pandemonium arrives

When I sit down to write
I don’t set out to be optimistic,
Pessimistic or realistic it just happens
Or it doesn’t either way the cards must be
Shuffled and dealt

I live in a glass house, windows covered in
The steam of my own breath
There are no honor killings
It’s not paradise but we do our best

I will try to be more understanding, open minded
And kinder to the enemy within
When I was born I screamed, “I’m just a patsy”,
But no one seemed to hear and it still seems that
Way today

She sits in her room on a chair near the T.V.
Like the caterpillar sitting on the mushroom
It would appear she has all the answers when
In actuality she possesses no useful knowledge
About anything

If all we do is find fault in others what’s the point?
If we’re not contributing anything other than collateral
Damage why go on?
“Theres blood in the streets, its up to my ankles
Theres blood on the streets, its up to my knee”*

Charlie May 20, 2007
*”Peace Frog” (Morrison Hotel) – The Doors

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