Friday, May 18, 2007

Screened In

I escape into music and movies
My entire life a one act play
Where the hero and the villain
Are one and the same.

Forced to choose Pro-Life or Pro-Choice,
To believe in either The Immaculate Conception
Or the Big Bang and I’m not entirely convinced
Either one represents anything more than another war
On a consciousness I no longer can defend in good

I’ve been asked where I was when the world began
And I answered right here scratching myself like some
Primate too smart for its own good. I’ve been asked what
If any regrets I have and I admit taking my cat Apple Cider
To the APL is one of the most regrettable things I have ever

I escape into the Internet and creative endeavors
Aware that what I have to share no one may actually
Care to hear. I’m screened in with the knowledge
Suicide is not an option nor has it ever been.

I’m muddling along with an identity I’m not quite certain
I any longer trust or believe in.

Charles May 18, 2007

1 comment:

Traci said...

Charles, this is Traci Goshen from Brush.. we have been looking for you. I spoke to Eric Langlotz, and he said you are a poet. So, hense...I think I found you. Anyway, here is the reunion website. Please log onto classmates, then enter your info. thanks, hope to hear from you.

Traci Wilson (Goshen)