Sunday, June 12, 2016


I have nothing to say
My personal feelings are my own
And I shouldn’t have to explain them to anyone

We go around in endless circles of static electricity
Pretending our love is everything we ever desired
When nothing could be further from the Buddha truth

I tried resisting you, but knew I’d give in sooner rather than later
I believe it’s the way the moonlight is held captive in your big beautiful eyes
And how you make light out of the virtual darkness surrounding us like a plague

I have nothing to share
Because when attempting to put my emotions into motion you always end up using my words against me
And what’s the point of going the distance when you’re always so shutdown and unwilling to give even an inch

The irritant got bigger and bigger until all I could do was run and hide
I made a fort out of the blankets in my bed and pretended I was 6 or 7 again
I’ll never forget going on secret missions with my best friend Snoopy and how he never pretended I wasn’t important or that what I had to share didn’t mean something to him.

Charles Cicirella

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