Thursday, June 09, 2016

Write Through the Shit (For Christina M. Brooks)

We must write through the shit to get to the gold and then we must turn our backs on the gold and believe that something even stronger will take hold
And if you build it they will come and don’t worry who they are because they know who you are and have been waiting a very long time to impress you with their tactical precision and unholy ability to never stay dead for too long

The words have existed before even God covered Eve and Adam with their very own fig leaves
In fact the words are the only hope that’s left in this tick tock world of fears and phantom limbs
It’s not a question if you have the talent because the creativity was born inside of you long before the stork delivered you to your parents
Everyone struggles with their words coming back to them in waves of mediocrity, but you must never let that stop you from speaking the truth as you see it

We must write through the shit and the shinola to get the upper hand and make an honest to God difference before the lights go out and even our memories are subject to reclassification
And I have been struggling to properly remember my dreams, but I guess that makes sense when I’ve always had a difficult time telling the difference between dreams and reality
And you have become a good friend even when we disagree because writers need to stick together and that goes double for poets who always seem to get the short end of the stick especially when the shithouse is burning down and poets are the only ones able to see through the flames to the other side of morning

Charles Cicirella

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