Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Debris (For Shiloh)


Lost out here
Amid the bubblegum wrappers and improvised explosive devices
Since 911 it’s been our world because the terrorists won the very second we gave into fear

I’m not debating this
I have no conspiracy theories to offer
I just know things have changed as even Canadians now lock their front doors and grizzly bears find themselves carrying a concealed weapon

Hoping Shiloh will teach me what it means to be genderfluid because I believe even this old dog can learn a few new tricks
I don’t mean to say that genderfluidity is a trick and I hope you’ll accept my apology for my rough edges and the non-specific insults I toss out like baseballs at a home opener or meatballs rolling up another Sisyphus steep incline

Found somewhere out in left field
Discovered amidst the constipated intestines of another puffy rock and roller hell-bent to live a clean life as their opioid addiction ends up stopping them in their purple tracks
Elvis was no better as he sought absolution from one more crooked politician as he went off the reservation and his handlers continued spoon feeding him the obfuscated truth

I’ve fallen in love so many times with the idea of falling in love I’ve lost count
The streak of possessiveness I lay down on this hyperbolic highway creates only misfortune and collateral damage where once only chutes and ladders existed
I’m not much good to anyone and I am starting to question just what good all of this poetry will prove to be as I die with no one left to visit my grave

Charles Cicirella

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