Friday, May 26, 2017

Rattling (For Lambryah)

Rattling these chains
Nothing up my sleeves
I’m not a magician or a misanthrope and neither are you

Smell the flowers on the way to the cemetery
Don’t forget to bend down and inhale the pollen inside your audaciously cute and passionately perfect nose
I know I was here before, but that was another age when we were both in different places and the masks we may have worn hadn’t been sanded down yet by the clock and a refusal to ever grow up

Emancipation is key in these Abraham Lincoln times when nothing is what it seems and too few speak from the heart
I was out on the outskirts of town looking at an erupting volcano or two when you came upon me like a rolling roller-skate or slice of pizza topped with veggies and extra cheese
Always had a problem hanging on too tight. I believe it goes back to abandonment issues when I was a kid and the time I was sick in bed and left to my own devices with a bowl of lukewarm chicken noodle soup and a remote in need of fresh batteries

I don’t desire to own you or possess you in the least little bit
Just love when we spend time together be it on the phone or I hope soon in person
I know we’ll both be nervous, but nerves can be our friend if we just put our heads down and do the work

It’s probably true that I’m more into you than you are into me
Just look at you all hot and spicy and ready to take a good pounding
Me, yes I guess it’s true I am a cool, old dude and I know you said that with a smile on your profound lips and a twinkle in your revolving door eyes

Charles Cicirella

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