Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I Love Looking At You (For L.A.T)

Beauty is skin deep
Actually it’s way deeper than that
Truth be told never knew I was a poet until you checked me out

Starts slow
Everything worth savoring takes its time heating up
You taught me that as you came from my words and images slathered in duck grease and my Jewish-Sicilian saliva

Another poem to add to the ever growing stack
It’s four hundred and fifty one degrees and we’ve not even set any books on fire yet
I want to drink Dandelion Wine from your button as you answer my questions with “maybe” and that soft smile you always have on the tip of your acrobatic tongue

Beauty is skin deep
That’s what they say when they want you to buy one of their overpriced skin products
Your beauty is so deep I’m afraid to wade in until I check that my passport is valid and I have some form of identification on me

Happy Birthday America!

Charles Cicirella


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