Monday, July 03, 2017

Teacher (For Abiah)

Everything laid out before you like a catalog
That’s what he said, then he was dead
Just like that
The electric bulb was extinguished
Like death and taxes

There was no chorus
He was funny like that
And dreams will dismantle you
When least expected
Everything went to shit

From out of the blue
Something hit me
In the side of the head
Like a bolt of lightning
Or fan mail from a stalker

Like a teacher
She brought the class to
Some kind of order
I learned stuff
I never dreamt possible

My intensity, her kryptonite
Superman and Lois Lane
Absolute beginners
More pizazz,
Less theatrics

I read too much
Into every stroke of the pen
My feelings a torrent
Of water parks and deserts
There’s something for everyone

Until there isn’t

Charles Cicirella

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