Saturday, October 07, 2017

Deconstructed (For Ted Kane)

deconstructs from a to z
leaving nothing in between
rosary beads diddley bow

mining for a heart of gold
blood diamond cadavers
rotting in the disillusioned sun

it’s high time we stopped pussy footing around
you wanted a pussy grabber and chief
well you got it now whatcha gonna do?

deconstruction devalued in the eye of a narcissistic god killer
able bodies only get you to the grave beyond that it’s all a jump ball
i’m so down and out when looking up all I see is my proctologist in the rearview

he deconstructs because there’s nothing better to do with his hands
he deconstructs because peeling the onion with his guitar time of the assassins tool is the only effective method of pulling the band-aid from the scab
he deconstructs because all of our lives depend on it including his own

Charles Cicirella

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