Friday, March 09, 2018

Bucket List

I want to be there in the morning with you when you put on antiperspirant
I want to be there when you’re sitting on the toilet with your A-frame tuchus looking into the void wondering what went right and what went wrong
Your lane’s the only one worth a damn in a world of shrinking dividends

The good days are when I remind myself I’m a working poet. The bad days advance like a silent thunder, never letting up on the gas or empty, lonesome prairies
Let’s fill the unwelcomed silences with trivia bowls and trivial, unthreatening sex
I stared hard into the crystal ball and saw only broken debutantes and French revolutions gone belly up

I wish to be there with you when you find out who your biological parents are
I desire to be present when you realize your taste in men isn’t as awful as you once believed it to be
I cannot get enough of you looking so deeply into my soul that the roots of all the best parts of me are no longer thirsty or in need of plastic drugs or plastic people

Charles Cicirella

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