Friday, February 23, 2018

Burnt Umber (For Tamara)

Cover the sky in smoky shyness
Walk by the water and drowned in another artist’s heavy words
One line at a time until you climb out of your madness like Spiderman

Stalled in the everyday desolation of evil flowers smelled and spat out
Normalcy coopted by orange greed and pistols popping no longer turns our stomachs
She was a good girl before she started shooting heroin into her apple pie veins

First worlds are all the shit until they’re not
Third worlds move up the ladder like a repairman on the take
I’m just another wanna be human desiring human companionship

Throw another Molotov cocktail into the unexamined crowd
Learn to do without oxygen as air pollution cleans all of our grandfather clocks
When she sat on my face and smiled I knew I could retire my bucket list for good

Uncover the hallowed ground and wish upon a heap of innocent starlings
Chase your blues away by opening the window and not jumping to your death
Let me come to you with only my words and I promise to keep you laughing

Charles Cicirella

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