Sunday, April 15, 2018

I don't like knowing your heart has been broken. (For Tamara Rose)

Gonna write you something profound.
To sweep you right off your Dick Van Dyke drop feet.
Gonna swing for the fences and pray I don’t hit a fowl ball.

Moses was delivered like a bad pun to a people with nothing, but
Unleavened time on their half feline, half woman hands.
I wandered around that desert like a Hebrew with a bad head cold,
In need of nurturing and directions to the nearest clean restroom.
A long time ago I stopped being a part of the singles scene because
No one ever seemed much interested in what I coveted like a newborn sun.

I’ve treasured you Tamara Rose since first meeting you
When you and Fred Zaner were dating.
I know he prefers to be called Damon Zex, but I’ve always found
Fred to be more interesting than his arch nemesis Damon.
You were more than his better half. You were the blood that kept
Right on dripping after everyone, including the undead had their say
And left the Temple Mont for a less compromised energy vortex.

I’d like to set up a playdate for our chakras.
I’d like to play a game of Twister with you wearing nothing, but our sarcasm.
I had this dream where I woke up next to you and all that was left was a
Skeleton and that winning smile that keeps me coming back for more
Like an award winning buffet or a Slinky that’s discovered a new spring in its step.

Charles Cicirella

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