Wednesday, November 14, 2018

“I felt this expand in my mind as I took it all in.” (For Kat)

Unreasonable expectations plague us like Pip after Dickens gave him a good talking to
Hold me in your arms and never drop me in a ditch or dark passageway
Let’s be blunt we’ll never meet and if we do strings will be attached like cheese or mattress tags

I’ve discovered routines are the only thing holding me together like a Gutenberg binding or the spaghetti straps keeping your boobs from making an unexpected appearance
Your nonsensical fashion sense keeps everyone guessing and from jumping off the unleavened edge
I was a Jew lost in the hot desert while you emerged as an independent sovereign state in the Early Middle Ages

“Something there is about you that strikes a match in me”
Bob said that and I couldn’t agree more as Planet Waves surround  us like lethal jelly beans ready to be choked upon and shat out by a cosmic Easter Bunny
We put the needle down on the expectant vinyl as new worlds were delivered by troubadour doctors hell-bent on making certain everything comes out without a hitch or irksome hiccup

I believe in you
We’re no more strangers than the shadows floating passed you on the merry-go-rounds of your hallucinatory childhoods
Mary Poppins like Timothy Leary prescribed the medicine that would not only go down easy, but would greet you on the other side and welcome you with umbrellas raised and hippy vans gassed up and ready to go, go

To kill the time I considered masturbating or binge watching Homecoming, something about Julia Roberts that keeps me focused and hungering for more
I’d propose we stop all this dillydallying, but my whole life has been one big, ungreased pig of a dillydally and I don’t feel like fetching another apple for its porcine mouth
You’ve been pushing my Fisher-Price buttons ever since accepting my friend request on FB and it’s all good, especially when it’s veering off the Daytona race track toward Neverland

Charles Cicirella

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