Friday, November 23, 2018


I messed up like I always have a tendency doing
Treated her like all I was interested in was her body when nothing could have been further from the jeopardized truth
It was her heart and thoughts that truly took precedent, but I spoiled everything by being pushy and acting all off the hook

Let’s get something straight I burn through money like a filthy pervert with nothing else on his mind, but curves and desolation angels
I’ve got a bad habit of chortling like a pug that misses his mommy and refuses to listen to reason because he knows he’s only getting dog food for supper
Meen played me like a violin and that’s alright because she was finding her way while I already knew where I was going and how long it would take to reach maximum velocity

I’m not telling a fib, when she removed her dress and stood there in her birthday suit I nearly swallowed my tongue as I sent back the corned beef for being too lean
Let’s start at the beginning when Adam and Eve were not even on a first name basis and fig leaves covered more than their modesty
She’s a vision I’ll never quite get over because somethings cannot be unseen especially when The Song of Bernadette plays on an endless loop in your head like Korean Bingo

It’s no surprise I screwed up again
Breaking any and all promises I may have made because my ankle bracelet is made of twine and my probation officer is a hologram
She was pinned down by a hail of bullets and all I could do was skulk off like some rat bastard because I didn’t quite feel up to being a hero at that slippery-slope-moment in Proust lost time.

Charles Cicirella

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