Tuesday, January 22, 2019



Her paintings come to life and I am right there with her family
Catching the sunlight off the white cliffs of Dover

We wanted to be passive, but it didn’t fit our resourceful resumes
We wished for domestication before it was in fashion
The dog collar doesn’t fit around my neck because I’m not a dog

She paints and I become her student because she’s every musical festival rolled into one except for Altamont where the blood flowed like carmine red
There’s no excuse for all this infighting except that man was created for war and continues to be bred for violence and victimhood
All the tolerance and patience in this world ain’t gonna teach us a single, solitary thing when we listen only to our oversized phones and refuse to see through anything, but rose tinted shot glasses

Haw rips off the Band-Aid with her feral brushstrokes of soft terror and real love
Her spirit animal is a honey badger because she takes shit from no one
Let’s lose ourselves in exhibitions gone awry as we have breakfast in bed and choke on another origami swan of desolation and penniless regret

Her paintings breathe new life into my old, underdeveloped bones
No amount of calcium is going to help me walk erect
When Julia opens her eyes, moonlight pours into my soul like I am another infant in desperate need of Vitamin D milk and a fearless new direction

Charles Cicirella

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