Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Go ahead and water board me
I double dog dare you
Tired of you wiping your ass with my 7-11 mouth

Some lines stun you right from the greasy-get-go
You don’t have time to both pick up the child and run to safety
Many rattlesnakes are bound to bite you regardless of path taken

The fried chicken was exceptional, but it wasn’t as finger lickin’ good as the last time you scolded me for getting too close to your pink chakra  
Room service can go the way of the dinosaurs if getting a hot cheeseburger is no longer a reasonable request
You weren’t a veteran, so instead of burying you with an American flag we buried you in your best grey suit and never once pretended to look back

Words come to me like disinfectant wipes ready to block out the Sun’s hazardous rays and when I gather the courage I’ll climb again into the shower-mausoleum and give my entire self a good talking to
You were wonderful when invisible, but when you materialized it wasn’t as much fun to finger your holy ghost
Let’s call it quits or at the very least call it what it was from the start, a sham that never grew quite enough hair to cover up its face and go incognito

Go ahead and stick a firecracker up my ass
I triple dog dare you with a side of our famous slaw
Tired of you filling my collegiate mouth with your slovenly slurs Slouching Towards Gomorrah

Charles Cicirella

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