Saturday, February 16, 2019

Experience Ecstasy (For Kat)

I follow the fire as it lights the herb
Carries me away to a la carte skies
Words like silent Harold Lloyds thrill with their sequenced autonomy

This valentine chose you, not the other way around, so you needn’t worry about the backlash
Ordered a brownie earlier and I’m still anticipating the perfect moment to visit it with my mouth, teeth and tongue
You’re the only acrobat I’ve ever witnessed fly through the air who I believed would land safe and sound in their own bed

Going to the circus isn’t what it was once cracked up to be
Even when I was a child all I can remember is the fear a clown would break loose and force me to have a good time
I wasn’t at Woodstock, but if I had been I would have told that young girl to put her top back on

Experiencing ecstasy keeps you on your toes as the music drowns out the meaning and hidden agendas go the way of metered immigrants
I’ve had enough of America the beautiful becoming America the malignant
The very second he became President standards were eradicated and rage became an acceptable tool in our toolbox to wipeout communication and build unnecessary walls

I followed her fire as she got in bed and we snuggled together like two mad scientists in search of their next major discovery
She always graded me on a curve which kept me looking swell in both of our brownie batter eyes
Standing over the kitchen sick, choking on smoke and dreams never quite reconciled

Charles Cicirella

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