Sunday, February 03, 2019

Sometimes I sit on the floor with Doug to get his perspective.

Let’s not forget
That would be dumb
I know you hate when your lack of intelligence is put on full display

Eating falafel and hummus and listening to “Singer's No Star” by Waxahatchee
It’s chill
I’m chill

There’s smoke everywhere
I’m in the middle of a fire of my soul
It burns like an old, angry tire

Let’s stop pretending
Our friendship has turned into a hostage negotiation and I’m tired of not being able to order the club sandwich
Angry sex may mean pounds lost, but I refuse to fuck for fashion

Let’s get to why we’re really here
The main event
The pearl of the orient

She glimmered in the advocacy of the lightbulb’s temperance
Her manipulation wouldn’t hurt my pride as much as put it in a headlock
She got milk and I got a swift kick in my blue Post-it Note daydreams

Jazz blows out of the coffin speakers like yin and yang lightning strikes
I was a believer, then a cynic, now I’m a lighthouse keeper who’s lost their will to spark
I know you hate when humanity gets in the way of your evil plan, but that’s the way it goes when you’re a Superman villain and Gene Hackman is no longer in the picture

Charles Cicirella

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