Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Wabbit (For Kat)


Exhausted or slightly unwell.

‘I'm feeling a bit wabbit’

Told me wabbit was my next poem and I followed her lead because she hasn’t been wrong yet
Leads me by my consonants and vowels like a roulette wheel to the liberated stars
I was broken down and busted and only her context pulled me through the meat and potatoes storm

Came out of the FB ether like a traveling salesman in a Maysles documentary where youth springs eternal once you open the grey door and buy a bible from a thief in the gas chamber night
They broke the windows and did their worst because vigilante justice is oftentimes the only way to make your point when justice has become skewed for those wearing white pointy hoods
Sometimes I like to go out into the middle of the street like Mary Tyler Moore, throw my hat up in the air and scream I am a Jew hear me ROAR!

Nothing feels better than when her invisible self sits on my invisible lap and we swap stories of our storied childhoods
When you find someone who champions you no matter how apoplectic you are it’s time to put a ring on their finger and settle down
Even though I’m not Scottish I knew what she meant when saying she was feeling “Quite wobbly and wabbit.”, and it made me wish I could hold her tight until she again felt right or the world burned all around us

Charles Cicirella

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