Wednesday, June 05, 2019

waiting on the big sleep pill

waiting on the big sleep pill
tantalizing novel approach
chandler and kevorkian

match made in heaven, match made in hell
matchless in the dim, dark fires burning down my eyes
blue tip blown out by a grizzly’s sour breath

I’ve been playin’ spin the empty jim beam bottle
wishin’ Rip Torn would come by and teach me Texas hold 'em
wishin’ he hit Norman Mailer with a hammer once again

gonna hit the pipe and think before I start to type and shit
flows out of my fingers, I’m waiting on the words
I sucked and sucked and all that came was a pearl necklace all over my face

it was like it was 2016 all over again and no one got what they wanted
until she jumped out of the cake then everyone got exactly what they desired; a broken heart, a nail file and a drunken memory that don’t fit in a box

like a cat with no heartbeat or conscience or power of objective or rationale thought I was smoking a joint on the toilet, hoping peace might find me
or at the very least something to calm my nerves while I call my dealer

he does deliveries in a beater car with no tail lights, I slip him an extra $5 for bail money
the pizza was cold so I turned the oven on and stuck my head inside
I love my dates with Sylvia Plath, we listen to Peter Laughner together

let’s change the speed of this poem, I prefer my poetry no slower than 78rpms Robert Johnson’s me and the devil burning like a sandpaper joint
even a smoking baby can get lung cancer, even fidel castro plays for the pilots

even a revolutionary beard can get lice
infested with stars from one soiree or another
the little cigarettes reek of phantom limbs
mildew and wet lone ranger comics
fishnets and crumpled up promissory notes
I’ve been trying to buy lawn furniture since before Christ was born

after the crucifixion I grabbed a tiki torch and burned the world down
it was like playing grab ass with Christ
he kept pretending he wasn’t interested, but I knew he couldn’t resist my muchachas for long

Jason Baldinger/Charles Cicirella

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