Friday, May 15, 2020

Beth and Ted

They’re not together anymore.
At least I don’t believe that they are.
I like to think of them as my third set of parents after my second set turned out to be swingers.

I was so proud that a painting of mine hung in their apartment in Grandview.
I think it was Grandview. That time is such a blur with Juliet’s perfect pussy and 9-11.
If you looked femme fatale up in the dictionary you’d find a picture of Beth McNally and not because she destroys those attracted to her charms, but just the opposite as she builds you up in the image of a real God.

Ted is the toughest and sweetest son of a bitch I’ve ever met.
He deserves your respect with no questions asked.
We went to see Bob Dylan and the look on their faces afterwards showed just how much things have changed and that not everyone enjoys having their expectations left blowin’ in the wind.

Charles Cicirella

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