Saturday, May 02, 2020

“Look away, you rollin' river” (For Zach Whitney)

I just took my medicine with grape juice not from concentrate.
It’s like wine, but the grapes are sober so you’re good to climb trees and hunt imaginary monsters.
Thank you for accepting my challenge with the charm of a good old boy that knows Letterman is king next to Carson.

Catapults into my ears like Ben-Hur on an epic tear. Charlton could act even when playing a Mexican in a touch of Orson.
Too often when poets go to an open mic. they’re treated like a dog act with no bite, but you always welcomed me with open arms and brought out some of my stronger readings.
It’s the middle of the night and I’m afraid to light a match in case there’s a gas leak or White Fang is lurking in the shadows.

Troubadour crying out in a wilderness of vacant restaurants and states declaring bankruptcy.
I’ve got the Covid-19 blues and not even a glass of water is going to help this cough.
I just took my medicine and it broke my heart, it completely broke my heart.

Charles Cicirella

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