Sunday, August 30, 2020

In Front of the Keys (For Jax) 

I don’t believe she’s almost 40
Yes, I know it’s just a number
Still I don’t believe it

The words arrive and baby I’m amazed
Amazed at how she’s free of stipend or stipulation
As we all do our best to survive and thrive during these radicalized times

In front of the keys that are old friends and yet continue to surprise as they infiltrate a doughnut shop simply because the cops need to get off their rumps, stop killing black people and start to actually protect and serve everyone
My fingers are sticky from glaze and haze and a look at all the daydreaming I do because it keeps me proactive and profit
I’d like a cuddle because something tells me your cuddles are the remedy for a civilization that stopped being civil long before the Monolith became all the rage and the purpose of advancing intelligent life became the key to unlock our black hearts

I don’t believe she’s almost 40
I don’t believe in lots of things
It’s just the way I roll as autumn arrives like a thief in the night to steal our breaths and replace our thoughts with nightmares of bad sci-fi and television pilots that blow up like the Hindenburg

There’s love and then there are those who only want to score
There’s art and then there are those who only want to make their mark
There’s hope and then there’s fear, which too many people deal in like lawyers, guns and money. Fuck everybody who doesn’t believe in God.

Charles Cicirella

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