Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Stick the $400 up your ass. (Or The Pale Horse and Horseman are on our trail.)

If you don’t believe the news is rigged just surf back and forth from one news channel to the next and you’ll soon notice they’re all reporting on the same stories at just about the same time.
Also have you ever wondered why no one is really pushing back on dumbass? I mean as much of an imbecile as he is and yet not one single journalist truly pushes back on this sadistic prick.
Right from the get go we hear well he’s the President and must be treated with the respect of the office and yet when the office has been mocked beyond repair I think it’s time to take the gloves off.

Look at how poorly President Obama was treated by the republicans and yet everyone is bending over backwards to make damn certain dumptruck isn’t insulted to which I say fuck that.
Even during a full blown pandemic and still his briefings are reported on when in actuality they’re nothing, but an exercise in futility.
Today he said children are immune from Covid-19 which is not only a boldface lie, but is dangerous speech because many ignorant people listen to this bullshit and act accordingly.

Now he has signed executive orders which are all part of the republican’s grand plan to defund Social Security and Medicare and instead of taking to the socially distanced streets, we stay indoors grumbling because we cannot watch sports or go to a massage parlor for a happy ending.
Stick the $400 up your ass because it was never, as you call it, an incentive for people to return to work, but instead is a way for families to stay alive while the pandemic continues to clean our red, white and blue clocks.
I used to believe that once it was a matter of life or death that people would finally wake up, but instead the opposite has happened as our country turns into a death cult where even a child’s life isn’t sacred as the herd is thinned right before our dispassionate eyes.

Charles Cicirella

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