Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Chris Wallace chuckles as Rome burns.

Time’s up
If you’re not part of the one percent you’re screwed
That’s what the powers that be want us to believe, but I’ll never accept that virus infected telegram

Talk over us, interrupt us and do everything you can to break our spirits and we’ll still come out on top because we have right on our side and your might will only get you so far
Take away our healthcare, a woman’s right to choose and still we’ll beat you in the end because we are the rising sun while your sun has set eons ago

I’ve never understood why minorities have anything to do with the GOP when they could care less about anyone who isn’t white and ready to carry a burning torch through the claustrophobic cornfields
Also don’t get why people who don’t have a lot of money are republicans when it’s been proven over and over again that nothing trickles down but rainwater and the tears of a misbegotten savior
My heart bleeds for you, but not because I’m a liberal. My heart bleeds for anyone who pretends they’re something they’re not and continues to come up short as an honorable parade passes you by

The clock’s face is all scrunched up
Watching this first debate was like pulling out my own toenails and feeding them to the invisible pigeons in my head
Our spirits mustn’t be broken by this clown because there’s still work to be done and a whole lot of grievances that must be sorted out before the dawn breaks and the darkness goes back from whence it came.

Charles Cicirella

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