Friday, September 18, 2020

Residue (For Juliet Cook)

She makes degradation sexy
That first line will annoy her
Though it’s intended as a compliment

Always keeps me on my toes
She’s as tightly wound as a serial yo-yo
Gets on your fingers like elbow grease

I watched her arrange her McNuggets
Always keeps you guessing with her sphinx ways
She’s second to none and one in a million

The residue from her brainstem drips onto the bare page
We’re all curious what will come out of her mouth next
The blood pudding flowing through her fishnet stockings keeps us all on high alert

This poem isn’t easy to write
Sometimes getting back up on the horse isn’t as simple as it sounds
Never forget tearing through the ghetto on that bicycle built for two

As artists we withstand the pressure of a society on life support
Put our poems in a drawer waiting for our big break or better drugs
I check on her from time to time and like it when I can make her laugh

She makes falling from grace not such a big ordeal
I’m sure she’s rolling her eyes, but she’ll never write me off because we’ve been friends for far too long
The trouble I stir up is all in good fun because I’ve always loved her and never wish any harm to come to her.

Charles Cicirella


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