Friday, December 25, 2020

Red RH

She’s not a fairy tale
Conservative hardcore kitten
Delivers her truth entombed in red lipstick

We all want romance
Delivered to us at four in the AM
We’re horny and desire more than sustenance and saliva

Fuck breaking through the glass ceiling
How about we first get our house in order
Stop settling for a tinkle and expect a landslide

I was inside her
I mean I was inside her cautionary tale
And it broke my heart into a twenty piece McNuggets with hot mustard and sweet and sour sauce

I was shooting for passion and instead landed in snark
Please don’t read anything into that because my stripes change like failed leaves
I want to bend you over the kitchen table and show you how a true liberal does deliver

The wolf consumed grandma and grandma became the wolf
That’s what we’re committed to believe as fiction becomes stranger than urban legends
I wouldn’t want to get lost in the wood with anyone but Red RH because she would find us shelter from the storm and protect me from any impending doom.

Charles Cicirella

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