Saturday, January 02, 2021

“I have a very long history of questionable judgments will that do”

That’s all she had to say and I was hooked
I’m not a very good fish, but I would swim a thousand seas to get to her
That’s not hyperbole and is in fact coming from someone who flunked pollywogs twice

Twitter is such a horror show as you smell the desperation coming off the tweets like grease being spit from the corn dog stand at some lonesome county fair in the middle of nowhere
The tweets I’ve read of hers are different because she clearly knows this is all a big put on and once we’re done being punked the great Oz will finally make an appearance and lay all of our most hellacious fears to rest
The words aren’t advancing as fast as they were a week ago and perhaps that’s because I smoked some pot or maybe it’s simply because that New Year smell has already worn off and it’s back to expecting very little and wishing for even less

I cast myself out into the middle of the river because I’m better off alone than when I’m with a bunch of people I don’t care to know and I find myself doing tricks like some overeducated killer whale
A good book is fine and dandy, but liquor is quicker if only me and alcohol didn’t have such a love and hate relationship
I’m better off inhaling than I am swallowing and that’s just the way it has always been even when I was shooting tiny Nyquil plastic cups of Cuervo Gold at this awful pizza place called Sandro’s

All she had to do was pay me no mind and I was ready to go back to school and finally get my degree in English so I could get on social media and forget how to actually communicate with another human being
As astrology goes, I’m a Cancer, but I hardly believe in that sort of thing because I’ve never had much use for water
That’s not hyperbole and just like my mother I’d rather drink iced tea over water any old day of the week and that includes spring or purified.

Charles Cicirella

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