Saturday, August 14, 2021

Break Free

Lasting impressions are the first to go when the paint stops drying and the grass refuses to grow.
Let’s ignore mask mandates, vaccines and sensible gun legislation because you clearly believe you’re beholden to no one, but yourself.
Of course nothing could be further from the truth and once you put down your Bible maybe you’ll start to see the reckoning through all the reprisals you’ve forsaken.

Hearing the United States Government acting all surprised at how quickly the Taliban is taking back Afghanistan sickens me because they had to know the fire they’d start when they kicked the gasoline can down an alley of broken dreams.
America never finishes what it starts as we take one dump after the next on this or that country and not once consider the ramifications from our strong arm policies of nationalism and sadism.
Why are we continuing to follow Trump’s foreign policy as Biden stumbles around like Mr. Magoo after a lobotomy?

I feel like tearing at my white skin as another cop kills another black or brown person and there’s still no recourse and there never will be any justice at this rate.
You want to lighten the load of your white guilt well then try to keep in mind that words have consequences as does non-action and non-compliance to the truth.
The neo-libs are doing just as much damage as the GOP as a very real caste system removes the poor from the equation exponentially.

I’m tired; I’m sick and I've realized getting high was just keeping me from standing tall inside this body, this temple of strength and unlimited potential.
I desire to break free from the chains that bind and hold me back from whatever memories I still refuse to look in the eye.
The first impression I had of me when I came out of the womb was that I had a lot of work to do to get back to a place where I trusted myself unconditionally.

Charles Cicirella

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Unknown said...

Another excellent poem by a bearded poet.