Sunday, October 24, 2021

Time to Burn this World to the Ground.

Match has already been lit and we’re lying to ourselves if we believe otherwise.
700,000 plus have died in the US from Covid and not only did no one bat an eyelash, to make matters even worse people are still refusing to get vaccinated.
The uber-wealthy get wealthier and the poor cease to exist, but hey if you buy a homeless person lunch that clears you from any responsibility.

Even Civil Disobedience won’t save us now as armies amass on the border and another bully runs for President and wins.
We should be ashamed at all the red meat being tossed around while instead we pride ourselves on being a paper tiger as orange becomes the new stupid.
Time to burn this world to the ground or at least admit we’re too lazy to take to the streets as protests become yet another tool of division and riots only show our true colors which have always been non-existent.

Stand back I’m going to fart and after that I might just stomp on your skull for looking at me cross-eyed.
When did America become a prison yard and why do we stand idly by as henchmen on both sides of the aisle continue to fuck us up the ass?
Looking to our leaders to implement real change is a crock of shit, especially when a Jewish politician is seen as an evil socialist while at the same time we pretend we’re best friends with Israel.

Painting people by numbers on social media is only digging our graves ever deeper as clickbait becomes the next Mother Teresa.
I want to stand tall, but am only five feet two inches when I stand on my tippy toes and even that is no excuse as general admission separates the cheated from the fatted calf.
Why I continue torturing myself posting my poetry on FB and Twitter I’ll never understand because I know what the game is and that words are only a part of the equation if you’re lying or telling someone how cute their pet is.

Charles Cicirella

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