Monday, May 30, 2022

Bursting Through Consciousness

Rocket scientist poet
Teacher of the analytical mind
Einstein has nothing on you

Striving to be all you can be
Chips down, but never counted out
Receiving messages from another side

The conscious mind is subjective
It’s true; ask any daydreamer or merchant of nightmares
We’re at our best when we cross the Rubicon

I’ve never had much faith in hope
Disappointment puts the fear of a manufactured God into me
I wanted to hold his hand, but he was wearing gardening gloves and refused to return my telepathic messages

Rocket scientist rock star
Professor of the unanalyzed and unresolved riddles of the Sphinx
Our loved ones mustn’t catch up with us while we’re running outside of time and mindfulness

I met him and liked him immediately
Cut through the poetic fat of a city starving for more steak
Terry challenges me to resist mediocrity and go for the gold standard

Our unconscious mind the first step toward freedom of creative autonomy
A lesson we must learn before taking off our training wheels
Love is the realest construct of them all.

Charles Cicirella

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