Monday, May 30, 2022


I climbed through the television screen and jumped into the water.
I clambered into your mind and forsook all of your memories.
The hardest part of being an artist is believing your work has merit. The hardest part of being human is keeping the secret you’re not okay.

There was a shooting and 19 children and 2 adults were slaughtered as the police stood by and did nothing.
We cannot understand how such a thing could happen because we refuse to believe in the incompetence of people who only care about covering their own asses.
Look at Cruz and his smug bearded erudite facade and know this is the smirk of pure evil.

If we’re ever to stop the madness we must first understand what is wrong with this picture.
Thinking you’ll be okay because you live in a white privileged neighborhood shows just how out of touch you are as the Fox Kool-Aid dribbles down your concealed carry expressionless faces.
We’re all liable to get mowed down sooner than later if the paid suits continue turning a blind eye to all of the carnage happening right outside our rose-tinted windows.

I watched as the blue mask was removed only to be replaced with mirrored sunglasses.
The crime noir air reeked of hung juries as another chalk outline took shape and flew like a kite along the bloody beach of crucified dreams.
The hardest part of being alive is knowing everyday you face death because of another stupid human who refuses to color outside of the lines.

Charles Cicirella

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