Friday, April 19, 2019


Some people sweep you right off of your feet
Other people clobber you until you retreat
Beth keeps you off balance with her vertigo eyes that are not afraid to size you up and come to a decision that is ultimately out of our paltry reach

May appear oblivious, but I believe she’s as slippery as a cat on a hot tin roof keeping to her vegan diet by only consuming fruits, vegetables, tofu, assorted grains and nuts when she’s feeling her oats
When we eat at the Amazing Wok II she’s always covered with her meal midway through, but she pulls it off with aplomb while covering the stains with a bullet proof coat of pastels

Some people attempt pulling the wool over your eyes by presenting themselves as a sheep in wolves clothing
Other people know only too well that a deceitful heart will clog up your arteries
Beth changes the menu by putting her ear to the earth listening for earthquakes and other natural disasters

I enjoy shopping with her as she goes in search of natural peanut butter and I stem the tide by foraging for frozen pizzas and everything else that’s not good for me
Going to the movies is always a blast because she brings a mixture of caramel corn and popcorn in Ziploc baggies for everyone in our group
I don’t even mind when she talks during the film because she brings a fresh perspective with her interpretative dance moves

Some people constantly disappoint with their lack of ingenuity
Other people clamor like cockroaches from behind the icebox without a clear thought in their MacGyver skulls
Beth is in her own lane, keeping things fresh and prejudice free because she never judges or makes up her mind before hearing all of the evidence presented to her on a stainless steel platter

Charles Cicirella

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