Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Light Souls (For Kat)

“Light Souls would make a good tattoo. I have too many tattoo wishes. Not enough skin.” – Kat Boyd

Her musings are my nourishment and I feed on them like a cruise ship buffet
I want to eat everything on the captain’s table including the candlesticks and crucifixions
There’s nothing worse than running out of words when in the middle of a rant or a verbose declaration of love

I watched from afar as she fought the gusts of windmill and turbine with only her moxie and untrammeled Scottish will
Stop the presses I want to change the headline to something more upbeat and far more delightful than the usual dumb downed news of the Dionysian night
The days have been kicking me in the teeth as I gum another mayonnaise sandwich and recall when I could afford sushi like it was just raw fish and not some luxury item like healthcare

Her tattoos call to me as if from another age when cheaper than a dozen didn’t get you five to ten and the universal mind was respected and not condemned
Katie doesn’t question my motives because she knows I’m not here to hurt her, but only to support and witness a starling as she blossoms exponentially
There’s nothing more satisfying than meeting a soulmate even if they’re in another country and not available to date or cavort as our light souls educate us on our endless possibilities to transform into stardust

Charles Cicirella

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