Friday, April 19, 2019


Drugs feed on my brain chemistry and make it impossible to ignore the inevitable
You slid up next to me like a salamander and started to talk shit in Italian
The ground was broken and never repaired because that’s what happens when children play with dynamite

It’s not that I resist change, it’s just change doesn’t come in my size and when I go to Kohl’s I’m afraid of those sketchy changing rooms
I watched the cam model for days and not once has she given me a reason to occur an overdraft fee
Stood next to the waterfall and imagined it was pissing all over me which made me want to take a shower or at the very least stop making sense

Poetry is the cradle of civilization where I both reside and resist the incurable resistance
I like to stand steadfast and pretend I’m in a race for both my life and my last supper death
The garden of Kalamata olives calls out to me like a Greek chorus of woebegone philosophers who fervently believed in both Democracy and sodomy

Since Trump has become President the news is an even bigger letdown as the media follows him down Alice’s rabbit hole and our congress breaks beneath the pressure of another Dog Day Afternoon
Drugs cozied up next to me at the bar thinking meth was my obstacle of choice when in actuality I’m the only obstacle that I’ve ever let get in my way
Tired of waiting for dollar bills to fall from the tops of buildings like cartoon anvils or safes that no one knows the combination to

My personality is an acquired taste like Drano® Liquid or honey from the most irascible of extinct honeybees
No one pays attention any longer to this trail of tears soaking into our consciousness from all the slaughter swirling around us
We mistake the blood on our hands for strawberry jam and that’s to our detriment Mr. Jones

Charles Cicirella 4/18/19

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