Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hipster Dufus

“They’ve wasted the word.” – Kat Boyd

Always looking the wrong way
Always expecting they’re the ones setting the trends

Fuck what’s trendy
Fuck it right in the man bun
Fuck it until their girlfriends realize they’ve been duped
Fuck it until their girlfriends realize they haven’t been fucked by an actual person in decades

Our faux existences will bite us in the ass sooner than later
That’s the way civilizations crumble when hard knocks are traded in for rose tinted contact lenses and elbow grease transmogrifies into appeasement
I’m a hipster look at me with all my money and empty brain pan
I’m a hipster watch as my friends follow me over the cliff and I die smirking with a little spittle on my Shaggy chin

Always challenging the status quo by not moving a single muscle and believing they’re shaping the culture with their Falstaff white flags
Always expecting more from the pot when in reality they have contributed nothing to a society unimpressed by their “awesomeness”

Charles Cicirella

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