Thursday, April 11, 2019

Stand At Attention. Stand Down. (For Klute)

I know how special he is and I think he knows how special I am.
He’s earnest to a tee and always surprising me with his poignant silences that never fail to drive me both insane and more in love with him.
The poetry drives me like nothing else and I believe the music does the same for him.

We challenge ourselves everyday by waking up and climbing out of bed.
There’s nothing more spectacular than being the captain of our own destiny and carpe diem is our friend and confidante if we let it in.
I traded punches with the champ until realizing it was a champ from forty or fifty years ago and I best get with the times before the times swallowed me whole and spit me out like a bad matzo ball.
I asked Dan to come to a feature I’ve scheduled in August and he was non-committal which broke several ventricles in my brain because I couldn’t understand why such a supportive person wouldn’t commit to supporting me.

We work together like Yin and Yang, like Bob and Dylan, like peanut butter, banana and bacon.
I was standing at attention when the President walked by then I remembered he had lost the popular vote by three million so I put on my Hillary mask and scared the bejesus out of this stable genius.
When I tell you you’re shaped like a pear I mean it affectionately and to be completely honest sometimes I believe we’ll end up together especially when considering how much you hate show tunes and how I can stomach them with a little help from my friends.

Emailing with you while you’re at work and I’m desperately trying to stay alive makes me smile from ear to ear and from California to Delaware.
We need to soon get into a rental with a CD player, put on Saved and leave this toxic world behind us in a ring of fire and “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” coughing smoke.
I love you more than puppies and vitamin D. milk. I love you more than the colors of the rainbow and the pills Judy kept on her bedside table and I hope you love me just as much and realize we have always been in this together even before that fateful night when Queen Jayne gave us her seal of approval.

Charles Cicirella

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