Saturday, April 27, 2019


Everyone’s striving to write the next great American poem
Me, I’m doing my best to unwrap a stick of chewing gum with a stream of consciousness mind
When they deride Steinbeck for Travels with Charley all I can think is that old dog deserves far better

Nearly 36 years ago I wrote a poem about the moon and it carried me back across the River Styx
I’m not tired and I’m not going to bed anytime soon and still I want to love you while you are as fresh as a day lily and I’m unscented like the humorless wind
She broke wind in Kohl’s and I found it adorable because that’s how I roll when the opposite sex makes me comfortable enough to let my guard down

Everyone’s striving to be the biggest troll online which is quite sad because it makes you wonder what happened to summers of love and spring times when chocolate Jesuses rose again?
I believe it was the gap in Letterman’s teeth that made him the stellar late night host that he was
Carson had nothing on him when David would have kids on to do their science experiments and you could see just how invested he was

Writing never feels old hat and if it ever does I’ll stick my head in the oven like Sylvia did because the bell jar is never half full or half empty, it just is
I nearly took a nap about thirty six minutes ago, but then the fruit punch gave me a rush of adrenaline which can only mean when I crash I’m gonna crash hard and leave no impressions in the porous sand
We took Aldi’s by storm because it’s not about what they can tolerate and until they learn to respect their customers, I’ll just keep on beeping and demanding they order tartar sauce all year round

Charles Cicirella

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