Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Taste You like an Ice-Cream Cone (For Kat)


I’m not gonna lie
I like when it’s hot outside
And you drip all over my hands
Like a penguin’s shame

You are a time piece I keep close
To the gat in my underpants
Sometimes I take out your slugs
And count them feverishly

Slip, slide and away
I was nearly dreaming
When I woke up and remembered
The Beatles broke up long before you were conceived

It’s all in how you present yourself to the world
I imagine you carry yourself like an umbrella
In a black rainstorm, never missing a step
And always wishing you had fucked Michael Douglas

I picked up the bad habit of name dropping from my mom
It’s a horrible habit and one I wish to quit before it’s too late
Sometimes when I lay myself down to sleep I pretend the sky
Is a chalkboard and all my fears and anxieties are erased away

I’m not gonna lie
You’re oftentimes the only thing that gets me writing
I hunker down and think about your ink and it leaves me hot and bothered
You inspire me more than the subs I get from Ferrara's Imported Foods and that’s saying a lot

Charles Cicirella

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