Saturday, April 27, 2019

Weather Report

Walked into the thunder unaware of the looming apocalypse
Drove through Culver’s and ordered Butterburgers, fries and dessert
Ready for anything including you grinding against me with your John Deere thighs

The test of time kept mocking me so I jammed my finger in its Chronos eyes and pretended nothing was wrong until surgery could no longer be avoided
Physical therapy was a bust except for the therapist who pushed her fingers into my lower back and reminded me what physical contact with another human being is like
Woke up feeling like an old, punctured tire and I don’t believe it’ll get any better with age

Entered the Walgreens in search of six packs of the eight ounce cans of Coke
Made an appointment with God and when she didn’t show up I assumed our signals must have gotten crossed
Proactive to the point that when another golden calf rears its ugly head I’ll be sure to press pause and stop all of this monkeying around

Charles Cicirella

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