Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I wrote this poem for Doug (AKA Bob Fosse)


We gotta stick together
We’re both hard to handle,
Rescues and fear biters

Sometimes I feed you turkey
When your mommy isn’t looking
Because your default expression makes me so sad

Today I found you in the back of the closet
Guessing you’re dealing with some issues
And your skeletons are full of bullet holes

I am Jewish and Sicilian
You are Pug and Beagle
Both of us are torn between guilt and reciprocity for the common dog or man

Never fails to bring a smile to my Joker’s mouth when I say hello and you wag your question mark tail
I call you my brother because I’ve never felt close to my own brother
We’ve become family in quite a short time because there’s no time like the present in this tamped down world of skullduggery and silent alarms

Charles Cicirella

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