Saturday, April 27, 2019

Standing In The Water

Caught up in porn to the point I cannot see straight
You’ll of course be able to relate, but never will admit it to yourself
Porn pushes all of our buttons until we’re wrung out and even confessing only stalls the inevitable

Smartphones have replaced intimacy as we’re numbed down from the outside in and the windows to our soul become vacant help wanted signs to nowhere
Was at the eye doctor when I pulled out my flip phone and this young woman, who had sparked up a conversation, stopped speaking to me because I guess my phone was beneath her station
The status quo uses no lube as it fucks us up our fundamentalist assholes with a no tolerance lack of ethics and the wherewithal to no longer be able to separate the white noise from a forest of whitewashed, spin doctor sycophants

The slaughter all around us tells us a bedtime story designed to put us to sleep like the Zyklon B used at the Auschwitz concentration camp
You shouldn’t be at all surprised by this final solution mentality because it’s what the bible teaches in bloody, begotten chapter and verse
You don’t like being a plebeian always having your neck stepped on by a brown shirt or whatever color is in style at the moment then rise up before it’s too late and the smokestacks start smoking 24/7

Porn teaches us to love our neighbor like the Ten Commandments commands us to forsake free will and fall in lockstep with a belief system having more in common with the Inquisition than anything having to do with love
I was all used up from my lack of trying so I froze myself like Walt Disney and resisted the notion that animation is as real as virtual reality gets
Yes, it’s true I am a water sign, but that doesn’t mean I like water or that I carry my house around with me like the crab I am

Cam sites and phone sex waste my time as I try and gather up the courage to just say no and instead watch reruns of The A-Team
I’ve never much believed in planning out anything which leaves me at almost fifty years old with a rolling stone mentality that gathers no moss, but also brings me no security
I’ll take to the open road because that’s what I’ve always believed I was meant to do, leaving no stone unturned and never meeting a windmill I didn’t wish to vanquish

Charles Cicirella

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