Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Sense of Urgency

I feel it.
Do you?
Does it wash over you like blood and fury?

Let’s quit cold turkey.
Let’s do something different.
Let’s flip off the status quo and let our freak flags fly like big hairy kites in the cornflower blue skies.

I found it?
Did you?
Did it sneak up behind you and make your heart skip a beat?

I so badly wanted to stick my finger or penis inside of her but she said we didn’t know each other well enough and that it probably wouldn’t be a very good idea.
I asked her if she felt the same sense of urgency that I felt and she responded by looking deeply into my fistful of dollar eyes as she switched back on Turner Classic Movies.
We watched Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Sunset Boulevard then we made love like two ravenous sharks in desperate need of a dolphin or sea lion.

I decided against it.
Either the world isn’t ready for me or I’m not ready for the world so I decided to call it a day and crawl back into my hermit crab shell.
Let’s exist beyond our meager means because I’m tired of eating only vanilla ice-cream and riding on Merry-Go-Rounds that do nothing except go around in circles.

Charles Cicirella

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