Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fear Cripples You (For Shareen Mansfield and Shawna Ayoub Ainslie)

I’d say let’s watch our tone, but what would be the point?
We’ve all done things we’re not proud of.
We’ve all had our grip on sanity loosened as a darkness feeds on our psyches and we’re bound to come up short, and we’re no longer bound for glory.

I’d say stop throwing stones if you live in a glass enclosure, but we all live in glass houses and sometimes it’s not enough telling right from wrong or separating good from evil.
I was afraid of my own shadow until realizing I was using myself as a punching bag and if I wasn’t careful I’d consume my very soul and be left with nothing but doom and gloom in its wake.
Fear cripples you by making you feel like only in its embrace are you safe. It creates its own comfort zone of deniability and before long only hate speech is emanating from your exit wounds.

We must treasure the time we have left, right and center and stop catering to the lowest common denominator as we drag ourselves back into the sunlight.
I’d say we best watch our tone, but what would be the point when the white noise of political correctness is all around us and we’ve forgotten what it means to love our neighbors.
I was standing my ground gathering up all of the strength I possibly could when they pinned a Star of David on my chest. At first I couldn’t believe this was happening, but then I began to understand too many people use history as a closed fist and not as a wide open expanse to the future.

Charles Cicirella

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