Monday, November 16, 2015


One word.
One footstep.

Christ the Savior.
Lucifer the Denier.

Here are these words.
Here is this bread.

Let’s not worry about consecration.
Let’s not burden ourselves over mirrored reflections of sin eaters feasting on our guilt and shame.

No more disclaimers.
No more sleepless nights seeking assurances that a childhood trauma wasn’t your fault.

Do you remember when we hugged for the first time and how it felt like things made some actualized sense?
Do you remember when you finally let go and told someone that you loved them and even more importantly when you heard those same words coming back to you?

A Church, Temple, Mosque they’re all just buildings.
God is in our hearts and nothing and no one can tear these beliefs asunder.

Charles Cicirella

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