Monday, January 18, 2016

Spartacus Words (For Joni)
words keep me alive
i am their slave
we have no intimates
no beavers building bridges

wanted to go the distance
but was wearing the wrong shoes
wanted to take you from behind
but you’re so much taller and I couldn’t find anything to stand on

why is it any of my business what Tony Curtis’s sexual orientation was
he was so good in Spartacus, Some Like It Hot, Houdini and so many other films
nothing else matters unless you like to stick your nosey nose where it does not belong
captivated by the art and rush of creativity raining down like serious moonlight

Kirk Douglas played Vincent better than anyone other than Vincent himself did
i want to play house with you in the yellow house
the one adorned with sunflowers
let’s go the distance before we’re reminded of how fragile our psyches are

these are fighting words
because we’re all slaves to this or that oppressor
and i don’t mean to bring you down
just felt like sharing before more children are starved to death because humanity has given up on humankind for the time being

Charles Cicirella

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