Monday, January 18, 2016

The Crime Noir Weather

The crime noir weather rolls in and washes us away.
I’m pretty stoned as the black tea steeps and I get ready to watch Truth.
Rain mirrors the pavement as I light the pipe and suck the smoke in.
I’m ready to check out because it beats sleeping all the time.

The crime noir weather haunts me like a Cole Porter refrain.
Don’t forget to water the plants and read as much Raymond Carver as you can get your hands on.
You’ll never figure anything out, but that’s okay as long as you keep your expectations in check.

He told me today he’s going to Mexico on vacation.
I became jealous because he has a life and I don’t.
I am happy for him. I just wish I wasn’t such a bottom feeder.

I go through the same routine every day. I’ve been living like this for too many years.
Used to believe the sameness was killing me, now I’m beginning to understand it’s the only thing keeping me present and accounted for.
The crime noir weather breaks up the monotony with more monotony.

Charles Cicirella

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