Friday, May 06, 2016

God's Purpose

Instead of asking what our purpose is
How about asking instead what God’s purpose is
Does God have a point
Does God want for us to figure them out

It may sound stupid, may not make any sense
But what if we delve into God’s purpose instead
Of worrying endlessly about our own reason for

Don’t be shy tell us everything you know
Don’t be afraid to remove the emperor’s clothes
And shine a light on what exists between the
Threads of magic and mayhem

God’s purpose may be staring us in the face
God’s purpose might just be a poem you have
Yet to write or a painting you’ve yet to paint

I was restless, the music would not play
Then I focused on the silences between the notes
And an entirely new world opened itself up to me

Instead of agonizing over why we’re here
How about asking about God’s plans and if
There’s anything we might be able to do to
Lighten the load of our Creator for a change

Charles Cicirella

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