Sunday, July 17, 2016


“In all your revelation”
Sip the injurious brew
Pretend you’re an alcoholic
Pretend pretense is your best and only true friend

Lots of people dying
Famous and otherwise
A cycle of death and life cuts deep into our heavy, multi chambered hearts
And this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last
When you lose someone entirely too close to you and happenstance does nothing but bore the literal shit out of your puckered and putrid anus

Stop remembering when
When up was down and down was just another loose nuke unobserved observation
And you were a Siren lulling me to the shore
Your cunt called out to me like Richard Milhous Nixon before he abdicated the throne

Open the holy book
I double dog dare you to read to me from one of your many irreplaceable chapbooks
We can pretend you’re sought after and that everybody wishes they were you
Let’s stop all this back and forth before one of us gets hurt or worse falls in love and forgets who they are and why they came here in the first place

Charles Cicirella

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