Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Haven’t met her yet
But I really like her mother
And I know poetic apples
Don’t fall too far from their
Poetic roots.

We expound upon whatever
There is around us attempting
To bring us down or alter our
True north because unconditional
Love doesn’t always wipe away the
Tears, remorse or ridicule.

And I was lost in translation before
I accepted the cost for doing no more
Business and going it completely alone
Because continually lying to myself was
Forcing me to be someone I was not.

Hanna is a trailblazer and I know this
To be true because the ether ruminates
Through each and everyone of us at the
Speed of light and leaves no room for
Mistaken identities or lost causes.

Haven’t met her yet
In fact I’m even too afraid to friend her
On FB because I don’t want to send the
Wrong message in these politically correct
Times where no one any longer expresses
Their true feelings because they’re afraid of
Blowback and all the bullshit going along
With it.

Charles Cicirella

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